Find the Right Solution

Every home and every business is unique. While others offer cookie-cutter solutions, Sundacity works with you to find your optimal solution.

Get the Best Financing

Going solar is about saving money and that means financing. Sundacity works with over 20 financing solutions to get you the best deal for your goals.

Optimize Your ROI

Suntelligence will lower your bills, reduce your carbon footprint and protect you from the inevitable utility rate hikes over the life of your home or business.

Why Rent Power…When You Can Own It?

Whatever your home or business energy costs are today, if you aren’t taking advantage of alternative energy sources like solar and cogeneration, you are just renting your power and overpaying. With available financing, you could lower your bills, have more of it go into the value of your home and be less dependent on the costs and whims of your electric company.

Customized Energy Optimization and Solar Solutions

At Suntelligence we focus on residential and commercial solar projects throughout Southern California. Here are just some of the traits that set us apart from the competition:

  • We analyze sites based on our systems approach:  We go beyond solar, we look at the overall energy usage and are generally able to find ways for our customers to reduce electricity usage before we install our industry-leading solar technology.
  • Smaller systems for our customers mean lower capital expenditures and lower financing costs.  We pride ourselves in thus being able to offer our Customers same or better savings with  smaller solar systems than what our competitors tend to recommend.
  • Many of our clients come to us after their ideas have been rejected by other solar companies, or because they were not satisfied with the lack of flexibility or problem-solving creativity of our competitors. At Sundacity, we specialize in customizing our projects to the specific needs and hopes of our clients.
  • We are not bound to specific panels and inverters, and we have numerous financing models whether they want to lease or finance.

Explore our residential and commercial solutions, or contact us now to: