Cogeneration: Maximum Energy Efficiency

Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is thermodynamically efficient use of fuel offering an outstanding solution for medium-to-large businesses that want to save energy and heating costs simultaneously by combining the two elements into a more efficient single system.

Benefits include:

  • Cost savings
  • Power independence
  • Power redundancy
  • Reduction of demand charge
  • Backup power

How it Works

A power plant produces electricity and delivers it into the grid. Unless it’s used, the heat produced by the power plant typically dissipates into the atmosphere, losing power along the way. These transmission losses cause the electricity that arrives at your property to only be 27–37% efficient (that’s over 60% loss).

By generating electricity on site, transmission losses are minimized. The heat that gets generated can even be used on site to heat the air and water, resulting in an up to 80% increase in system efficiency—and reduced heating costs.

Suntelligence’s engineers have the knowledge and experience to decide whether cogeneration is right for you.

Sundacity Co-Generation installation 1

Get started with cogeneration today—start saving money and your carbon footprint tomorrow!